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This is the Heart of Your Story

This is the Heart of Your Story

Conflict is an essential storytelling component, as it creates tension and drives the plot forward. There’s no story without it. Even Seinfeld, a show about nothing, had conflicts.

Why? It forces your character to make decisions. Conflict frees you. Instead of figuring out what to make your character do, conflict allows you to explore why they respond to the conflict. What’s in your character’s heart?

Several types of conflict can occur in a story. These are cl

19 Things to Do to Get Your Story Finished

19 Things to Do to Get Your Story Finished

Plotting a movie or novel can be a complex process, but here are some general steps that can help you get started:

Start by developing a compelling concept for your movie. This could be a story, a character, a setting, or a theme that you find interesting and want to explore in your film.

Aaron Sorkin is a well-known screenwriter and playwright who has created many popular TV shows and movies, including “The West Wing,” “The Social Network,” and “A F

Creating a Great Protagonist: How to Craft a Compelling Main Character

The protagonist is the heart of any story. They are the characters who drive the narrative forward, face challenges, and grow and change throughout the story. Creating a great protagonist is essential to writing a successful story, whether it’s a novel, a screenplay, or a short story. This article will explore key elements of creating a compelling and memorable main character.

One of the most important things to remember when crafting a protagonist is to make them relatable to your readers or a

Tony Gilroy Explains What Your Story Is Missing

Tony Gilroy Explains What Your Story Is Missing

Character transformation is a common and essential element of storytelling. It refers to a character undergoing significant change throughout a story. This change can take many forms and can be caused by various factors, including personal growth, external circumstances, and interactions with other characters. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of character transformation and provide examples of how it can be used in storytelling.


6 Strategies Tony Gilory Shares About Screenwriting

I'm an amateur screenwriter. I struggle to call myself a writer. However, Michael Jamin, a professional screenwriter, says that if you write daily, you are a writer. I pondered how best to spend my time currency writing. The precious hours I have after coming home from job number two. Just before I reach for a therapeutic glass of wine, a comforting bag of chips, and my emotional support bit of chocolate. I collect writer role models. Whenever I watch content that moves me, I salivate over the c

James Franco Fired His Manager After He Took 'Extra Funds' From His Film Profits

Everyone knows that Hollywood business can be messy. The trial of Harvey Weinstein is still fresh in the mind of popular culture inspiring documentaries and films.Hollywood A-list actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife actress Amber Heard underwent a highly publicized legal battle pertaining to abuse allegations. The trial sent the into a hurricane of debate surrounding who was it right to support, the behavior of Warner Brothers studios, and maybe a setback for believing all women.

One person that

Jeff Bezos Was Left Speechless After David Blaine's Card Tricks

David Blaine is a 49-year-old illusionist. He is well-known for his street magic. The performer was born in Brooklyn, New York. David Blaine has been blowing minds since the late 1990s. Blaine has racked up credits as a writer and producer for many of his productions. Howard Stern declared he was the "greatest showman who ever lived." The famous Penn Jillette of the magician duo Pen and Teller said that David Blaine performed the best street magic he's ever seen.

David Blaine has performed all

Did Kunal Nayyar Break Character During His 'Whispering' Scenes On The Big Bang Theory?

Before Kunal Nayyar fell into everyone's lives as their favorite quirky immigrant on the Big Bang Theory, he was quite the sensible young actor from India.But then, Kunal moved from India to Portland, Oregon. He studied business. However, the actor always wanted to be an actor. So chose to major in business to have something to fall back. Naturally, this is an intelligent thing to do as acting careers can be turbulent for newcomers.

After earning his degree in business, Kunal went to Philadelph

How A HGTV Producer Cast Erin And Ben Napier For Home Town

Some people have 'it.' Since the days of the iconic TV show, The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was on the air, homes and homemaking have been a large part of the entertainment industry. In recent years we have seen shows like the Property Brothers MTV Cribs Martha Stewart capture the hearts of millions of viewers.

Likewise, people are in love with Erin and Ben Napier. The happy couple met in 2004 at Jones County Junior College in Mississippi. Ben was a church minister and very involved in c